What I Learnt from Entering the UK Roasting Championships

What I Learnt from Entering the UK Roasting Championships

At the end of August earlier this year, I entered the UK Roasting Championships for the first time. Now if some of you are reading this thinking, ‘What’s the UK Roasting Championships?’ then let me do my best to explain what all the fuss is about.

A Chat and Catch up With Clark from Estate Office Coffee

Recently I sat down with Clark, the manager of Estate Office Coffee.  They recently opened their second specialty coffee shop in Streatham, London on Greyhound Lane close to Streatham Common train station. In 2018 they won the most loved local coffee place in Streatham in the Love London Timeout awards. It was great to speak with him and learn more about his thoughts on coffee.

Why Specialty? - How to Get the Best Out of Your Brews as a Specialist Coffee Shop

For many consumers, coffee is simply an on-the-go caffeinated hit. The perfect solution to long working-days at the office and the ideal reason to make a visit to the local coffee shop. But what does it actually mean to be a specialty coffee shop aside from serving coffee that is more expensive and how can shops deliver on their promise?