Roast Philosophy

As roasters, we strive to bring out the most potential from the green coffees we source and work with. Because of this and the myriad of variables that are present when working with coffee, it is important that we use and apply a roasting philosophy in order to have a clear idea about what we do and don't want to be present in the coffees that our customers enjoy.

While there have always been terms such as 'medium', 'dark' and 'light' to describe different roasting styles, at Brew Coffee Plus we focus on what is most important. Flavour. Because of the complexity of coffee, we need to take a more detailed and focused approach in order to create the best experience possible.

Coffee is a natural product. The coffee 'bean' is actually a seed and there are usually two of them in every coffee cherry - a fruit which grows in countries such as Colombia, Kenya and Brazil. Our job as roasters is to bring out and develop all of the incredible flavours that are locked into these seeds by using our knowledge, intuition and skill - applying heat at various stages of the roasting process and then referring back to our tastebuds to see if we are hitting the mark.

Below is our roast philosophy. It is a fundamental of what we build our roasting approach on and gives us the right framework to work from every day.

"In all of our roasts, we seek to give a true representation of where our coffees come from at the source. The land upon which they were grown, how they were processed by the producer and the species that creates their genetic code - these are all important aspects we need to take into consideration when developing different roast profiles. This is so those who experience our coffees get a unique experience each time and are able to find and enjoy the particular coffees they prefer with ease. The specific characteristics we want to find and develop in the cup in question are an inherent juiciness and roundness, a long-lasting clean and sweet aftertaste, good complexity of flavour and a balanced harmony between every taste attribute experienced. In order to keep improving on our craft we always keep an open mind but stay true to our core principles and understanding so we can deliver results time and time again."

Kenya PB Handege