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Condorpuna Peru ( Organic )

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Flavour Notes: Berries, Herbal, Raisins

Village / farm: Condorpuna 

Varietal: Caturra, Pache, Catuai

Processing: Washed

Altitude: 1600 -1800 Masl

Region: Amazon - Peru 

Season: 2021

Condorpuna represents the most valuable natural attraction of the Lonya Grande district for its richness in biodiversity and for being the head of the river basins that provide water to various towns in the Amazon Region. It has a great plateau of an approximate area of 16 square kilometers, a vast extension of virgin forests and plains where vestiges of circular houses have been found in great abundance and beauty.
Condorpuna is the highest hill in the central mountain range that divides the
hydrographic basins of the Utcubamba and Marañón rivers.

Our coffee CONDORPUNA represents the mixture of coffees from the Lonya Grande
District, and is characterised by its chocolate, citrus and consistent notes. The
passion for coffee was inherited from the ancestors, migrants from the Peruvian
highlands who found in these extensive forests an opportunity for their
development and recorded their @ghting spirit in cave paintings that are found to
this day and that represent the work and effort in these remote places of the
Peruvian Amazon.

Roasted in Streatham, London